Building Awareness in The First Tee

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How about hosting a Trivia Party?

Board Director, Ron Hallagan, and Development Director, Judy Dixon, hosted friends and neighbors at a The First Tee Trivia Gathering at Almaden Country Club in December. The goal was simple: have some fun while educating people about The First Tee and to perhaps inspire them to support our wonderful organization. The event accomplished both objectives. “Most people had heard of The First Tee but didn’t really understand The First Tee’s mission and history. Our 18-Hole Trivia Contest was a way to both educate and entertain our guests in a very fun and informal environment,” Ron stated. “The First Tee mantra of ‘More Than A Game’ resonated with people and they especially liked the focus on the Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits and hearing a couple testimonials from our participants,” Ron added.

The gathering resulted in approximately $15,000 of gifts made to The First Tee of Silicon Valley over the holidays. “The gifts were wonderful, but knowing we helped inform and inspire about 20 more people about The First Tee is what really counts,” Judy noted. “We’d love to see some of these people host their own The First Tee Trivia event sometime this year,” Judy concluded.

Our positive youth development programs works! The young people we mentor behave better, get better grades, and are healthier than their peers.  Help us spread the word so we can offer financial aid to more low-income participants that require financial aid. We need your generous support to continue shaping youth into high quality adults and to keep our classes accessible and affordable. If you would like to host a Trivia Gathering of your own, please contact our Development Director, Judy Dixon, at