Participant Receives The First Tee Kasserian Ingera Scholarship

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Isabelle C, a The First Tee Scholar, has been chosen to receive the Kasserian Ingera Scholarship from The First Tee home office.  Isabelle is one of 8 scholars who have been chosen to receive this scholarship.

Isabelle is a Senior at Evergreen Valley High School.  She has been a participant of The First Tee Silicon Valley since 2007 and has completed every level of The First Tee program making her Ace Certified.  She plans to attend Alderson Broaddus University in West Virginia where she will play on their golf team and major in Biology.

At The First Tee we place great value on the well-being of the young people we serve.  To this point, we are very much like the Maasai tribe from Kenya.  The traditional greeting passed between Maasai warriors is: “Kasserian Ingera,” which means “And how are the children?”  The traditional response is, “The children are well,” meaning life is good, that peace and safety prevail and the priorities of protecting the young and the powerless are in place.  The Maasai society has not forgotten its reason for being and its responsibilities to its young people – nor have we at The First Tee. The First Tee Scholarship Fund, “Kasserian Ingera”, which consists of donations from The First Tee Home Office Staff and other scholarship donors, will provide a scholarship(s) to a participant(s) to help fund their education after high school (college, community college, or vocational school).  Children represent 100% of our future!