The First Tee of Silicon Valley is proud of the impact it’s having in the lives of so many young people. Our positive youth development programs work. The young people we mentor behave better, get better grades, and are healthier than their peers. Our participants demonstrate clear signs that they are acquiring the life skills we teach.

Our empowering curricula produces successfully functioning youth that connect with their community who report a >90% improvement rating in character building, golf skills, and service. 100% of our certifying class students graduate high school and 100% of our top- level Ace participants attend college.

The First Tee of Silicon Valley classes include fun and educational games that are activity-based with continuous learning where our coaches intentionally bridge what they learn in class to life experiences. 80% of class participants achieve all A’s and B’s in school. We have a 56% retention rate – ranking number one among the 150 chapters.

It’s more than a game – it’s a shot at upward mobility for the underserved, at-risk youth in our community. We serve all youth with 98% racial diversity and 45% girls by offering affordable access and financial assistance.

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The First Tee of Silicon Valley delivers youth development programs in the form of outreach (in & after school) and certifying classes (at area golf courses).














Ethnic Demographics

Keeping records of our participants’ ethnicity is important to the Home Office of The First Tee and it is a point of interest for our donors, as well. Below, is a chart detailing the annual ethnic breakdown of our certifying participants and our outreach participants.


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