New STEM Skills Advancement Class Improves Cesar’s Game

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Silicon Valley is a global leader, in large part, through the genius and hard work of its scientists, engineers and innovators. However, comparatively fewer under-served students pursue expertise in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) because they have not had positive exposure. Due to a high demand for these jobs and shortage of a skilled workforce for these disciplines, TFTSV believes it is important to expand our curriculum to provide opportunities and encourage TFTSV youth engagement in STEM.

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum uses golf activities as a way for our participants to explore how STEM connects to and impacts our Nine Golf Fundamentals. STEM classes are set to a problem-solving framework which fosters critical thinking and a deeper understanding of golf while inspiring STEM careers.

  • Participants experience hands-on activities that foster learning of practical STEM concepts valuable for golf, life, and career choices
  • Classes are taught by specialized instructors in a structured approach for problem solving that follows “IDEA” steps
  • 1:8 teacher to student ratio in ensure the curriculum is delivered with a high level of retention
  • Offered to Par, Birdie and Eagle Class Levels (3rd – 12th grades) during all 4 seasons

Cesar is a 10th grade student at TFTSV. His father Dominic called Coach Matt and said, “I took Cesar to hit some golf balls yesterday evening and he had a very difficult time using his irons to hit the balls on the range. He was very upset and feels that he is not improving. I am on disability from a stroke so we don’t have a lot of money for extra lessons. Is there anything you can do to help him improve his game?”

Coach Matt advised Dominic to enroll Cesar in TFTSV Birdie STEM Skills Advancement Class for 8 weeks in the Summer and apply for financial assistance ($20 – $40 for 12 hours of instruction). He explained that he has seen improvement with other students that have taken the class because it has given them a different perspective for improving their golf techniques and on course strategies.

After taking the STEM class, Cesar’s father exclaimed, “Cesar’s game has greatly improved, I used to be able to beat him but now he beat me by 10 strokes on 9 holes!”

Here’s what other participants shared with Coach Matt about their STEM experience: 

“My favorite part is testing the hypothesis of the day through experiments.” 

“The stimpmeter taught me about friction which improved my putting.”

 “Learning about the 6 degrees of freedom helped me understand the importance of a balanced swing.” 

“Creating and testing the topography map showed me how to read greens and identify careers that use this skill.” 

Registration for the September STEM Skills Advancement Class as well as Golf Play and Golf Practice is open now through August 27.  Contact us if you would like to sponsor or underwrite our STEM Classes.